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Weeds, grass, & cats. Since childhood I’ve kept my distance. Even though summers brought my favorite weather I struggled to enjoy my favorite season because nature became the enemy.

It just so happened that I bought my first essential oil kit at the end of June within days of the pollen descending upon me. I had no idea which oils to use but with some quick research I found a few recommendations. The first one listed was Melaleuca so I dove right in.

Within days, that little bottle of Melaleuca oil had become my new best friend. I found that rubbing a little bit across the bridge of my nose and then under my nose kept my breathing clear and allowed me to enjoy my summer season! I’ll never forget the day I pet a cat that wondered onto my porch and it didn’t even phase me.

Because of my nothing-short-of-amazing Melaleuca experience, it’s always the first oil I recommend to others who are looking for respiratory support this time of year. I will caution you about applying the oil neat to your face. [Neat is the word we use to describe a topical oil application that is not diluted with a carrier oil. dōTERRA essential oils are very potent and repeated usage on the same area can have this effect. For this reason, I recommend diluting the Melaleuca you apply if you’re using it frequently.

The easiest way to do this is to simply use Melaleuca Touch oil. The Touch line features pre-diluted essential oils in a convenient roller bottle. The essential oil is mixed with Fractionated Coconut oil which offers protection on sensitive skin and it also allows you to spread the oil around without using too much. Don’t worry, diluting doesn’t reduce the effectiveness one bit. This is the perfect mode of application for upper respiratory support. Throw it in your purse or pocket and roll a little on when you feel the need.

As I became more familiar with using my oils I realized that many people also found great results using a combination of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint. Typically, these oils were are swallowed in a shot glass filled with water. I found this method to be very effective, although I did not care for the strong flavor. If that method doesn’t sound appealing to you either, you’re in luck! dōTERRA  now offers this oil trio inside soft gel capsules! TriEase has become the favorite go-to for many people.

Melaleuca Touch and TriEase are now my trusted summer weapons! This will be my fifth clear-breathing summer and I couldn’t be more thrilled! What are you waiting for? Get geared up with oils and get outside!


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