Our Story

Sometimes life hits you with the unexpected.

My name is Tanya Cotterell, founder and creator of Essential Oil Classroom, and I'm excited to share our story with you, because it is not unlike the stories of so many others.

As a young family we thought we were on track to achieve the American dream. My husband, James, had a steady job and a promising career. We assumed that our financial security and lifestyle would continue to grow and improve. We dreamed of traveling and having grand adventures. We were committed to climbing the ladder to our happily-ever-after!  

However, life threw us a curve ball, and the day came when the job security that James had worked so hard to create, disappeared. The income we depended on was gone, and with the American economy in crisis, jobs were scarce. We decided to create our own success, and James started his own business. To boost our income we also opened a small salon so that I could go back to work part time.

Together we started over.

Both businesses helped us get back on our feet, but the time we spent recovering our lost income took a toll on us financially and emotionally. We worked long hours and the demands of operating two businesses while raising four kids made life taxing.

We weren't getting ahead like we had hoped. Our income depended on the hours we worked, and we didn't have any more hours to give. I began experiencing some health struggles, and the physical demands of my job were wearing me down.

Our heads were above water, but we felt like we were drowning.

When a friend introduced me to doTERRA, I was ecstatic about the health benefits they offered our family! We saw results immediately and I found myself telling everyone I knew about our discovery of essential oils.

My enthusiasm quickly grew into a business that forever changed our family. I found a career that was centered around helping others. I shared my love of essential oils, and taught others how to do the same. I found a passion for helping people achieve their wellness and financial goals and I no longer felt drained.

I felt empowered!

We were able to replace and multiply our income by doing something we felt great about. Together, with doTERRA, we found freedom in our health, time, and finances. We now have the ability to travel the world like we had once dreamed of, and we get to spend time doing the things we love as a family. We've learned how to create income in a new way, and we have the privilege of teaching others to do the same by sharing their love of essential oils with the people around them.

As much as I love living our dream life, helping others reach their dreams has become our passion!

Maybe life has thrown a few curve balls your way, too. Are you ready to take ownership over your life? Do you want to feel passion and purpose in your work? If you're searching for freedom like we were, we are eager to connect with you!

Click here to learn more about our entrepreneurship team, and how you can start building a business you love!

Our Mission

The mission of Essential Oil Classroom is to provide an online learning center which provides simple and convenient wellness education, purposed to empower people to care for themselves, and their loved ones, naturally.

We also serve as a connection point for developing and expanding a network of Wellness Advocates who have interest in entrepreneurship through essential oil education.

It is our hope that this website will be a valuable resource to you on your essential oil journey, and one that you can easily share with your friends, family, and team members.

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