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The purpose of this Essential Oil Classroom is to equip you with the right information so that you are empowered to safely, comfortably, and easily use dōTERRA essential oils.

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If you're new to dōTERRA or essential oils, we recommend starting with the Essential Oils 101 course. All of our courses are designed so that you can go at your own pace, and easily share them with your friends, family, and team members.

With this introductory online course, you will learn how to use essential oils safely and effectively, and you'll see how essential oils can provide countless possibilities of customized wellness for yourself and your family!

Ready to take your essential oil knowledge to the next level? This course will take you beyond the basics and introduce you to more advanced usage techniques, and we'll show you essential oils that you may not have considered using!

Essential oils dynamically support our bodies both physically and emotionally. In this course, you'll see how psychology meets chemistry as we explore the science behind why our emotions and essential oils interact chemically!

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