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Hang on tight!! We've got BOGOs going on all week long! That's right- Buy and oil and get another one for FREE!

Every day there's a new deal! If you want to order the BOGO of the day, you can do so HERE. However, I highly recommend setting up a Wholesale Customer account before you order so that can get your BOGO at 25% off when you shop! 

Already have a wholesale account? Fabulous! Just login and order. Don't have one yet? I'll help you get set up!

To get your wholeale account set up, follow these simple steps:

Go to my shopping site HERE.

Click "Join & Save" and then "Join doTERRA" at the bottom. Continue on.

Select "Wholesale Customer" and then fill in your personal information to set up your account.

Choose "Intruductory Packet" for $35 OR select an enrollment oil kit of your choice! (I recommend getting a kit because they all come with a free membership so you aren't paying that extra $35 fee. Plus, you will get started with a fantastic bundle of oils!)

Make sure you have me listed as your Enroller so that you can get in on all of my deals, giveaways, and continuing education! My enroller # is 208781 (I'm listed as Naava LLC.) You'll also have access to my private oil usage Facebook group, Drop by Drop, where you can learn from thousands of oil users!

As soon as you set up your account, I'll get in touch with you and help you get started with your new prodcuts! You'll be all set to get everything 25% off everytime you use your new wholesale customer login to order!

WAIT- I can't forget to tell you about the giveaways I'm doing on Facebook all BOGO week long!! I'm doing a  daily giveaway plus giving away this amazing Grand Prize (worth $367) on my BOGO Relay Facebook goup! You don't have to be a member to join. Just click HERE and request to join and I'll get you in on the fun. Turn your notifications on so you don't miss my daily video with education about all the BOGO oils!

Let's get the party started!!




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