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Upside Down Wellness

As we learned in the video, there are no wasted efforts in nature, and neither should there be wasted efforts for your healthcare, and those you love.

By exploring essential oils, and learning how to incorporate them into our lives, we are correcting the phenomenon of upside down wellness, in which we combat consequences of poor management of our bodies, rather than keeping our bodies well from the start. - Wellness Pyramid

Developing a culture of wellness in our homes simply means that we are making the choice to go on the offense when it comes to our health.

The typical tendancy is to react when some kind of health issue crops up. What we are suggesting is a proactive approach. We do this by giving our bodies a foundation of wellness by fueling our bodies with the right foods, exercising, managing our stress, and reducing the toxins the our bodies are exposed to.

Next up, we will show you how essential oils, and essential oil enhanced products from doTERRA can play an important role in all of those efforts.

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Experience Essential Oils for Yourself - Shop Oils Now
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