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Purchasing dōTERRA Products

For those of you who have essential oils you are wanting to try, it’s a very simple process. There are two ways to purchase dōTERRA essential oils and other products: 

  1. Purchase at retail prices through a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.
  2. Purchase at wholesale prices by becoming a doTERRA member.

How to Purchase at Retail Prices

To purchase essential oils and products from dōTERRA at the retail price, simply contact the Wellness Advocate who referred you to this course, or you may purchase directly from The Essential Oil Classroom:

BUY Retail


How to Purchase at Wholesale Prices

If you're familiar with how membership-only warehouse chains work (such as Costco and Sam's Club), dōTERRA's membership option is similar, but better.

Simply pay a one-time $35 enrollment fee with your first order, and you will receive 25% off of the retail price for 12 months.

√ No monthly minimums
√ No selling required
√ No business or store ownership required

At the end of 12 months, you can renew your membership for $25.00, and as a thank you for your loyalty to dōTERRA, the company will send you a complimentary bottle of Peppermint essential oil (valued at $20.50 wholesale).

That's like renewing your membership for an annual cost of $4.50!

Small enrollment fee + year-long discount on essential oils = HUGE SAVINGS.

How to Get MORE Free Stuff

Get the most out of your enrollment by purchasing a kit. Not only is your initial $35.00 enrollment fee waived, but you also receive a deeper discount by purchasing products in a bundled kit.

BUY Wholesale


Contact Essential Oil Classroom, and one of our knowledgable leaders can help guide you to the right kit to help you save the most money.

*See the next page for information on our members-only exclusive Loyalty Rewards Program!

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