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I am in love with this new free App! Learning how to really live the wellness lifestyle with essential oils just got easier.

The biggest challenge I have as an educator is getting people to take the time to learn how to use thier oils.  It's not uncommon for someone to order their first kit only to let the bottles sit unopened for months because their busy life hasn't allowed them to stop and figure out what to do with each oil. You know how it goes. The intention is there, but life happens and the days go by.

Can you relate?

Of course, once we do get the lids off our bottles there's no turning back! The oils have a way of capturing our attention and merging their way into every bit of life.  

Daily Drop is the perfect catalyst to get the ball rolling so that you can start living better!  

The app will show a new 30 second video that features an oil and some great ways to use it. At the end of the video you'll be given a challenge to try using that oil in a specific way. For example, you might watch a short video clip about the cleansing benefits of lemon and at the end, the video will challenge you to pour yourself a glass of water and add a drop or two of lemon.

Now you're learning and forming new habits that support your health!

Once you've watched the latest video, the app will schedule itself to send you a new video the next day.  If you miss a day (or 6 or 7) the app will patiently wait for you so that you don't get behind.  

A library of 30 videos is available right now.  However, there are new video libraries with specific focus topics already being created.  Soon you'll be able to opt into topics like using oils on children, essential oil tips for athletes, and more.

The best part about this app is that the videos are stored in a growing library within the app on your mobile device.  You can always refer back to get quick and easy instructions, or you can play a short video for someone that you're sharing oils with!  

I do recommend turning on the push notifications for your Daily Drop.  I rarely allow push notifications on my phone, but this is the exception!  It is so nice to have a gentle reminder to watch your video each day.  It's easy to hit play while I'm getting ready in the morning or cooking dinner.

If life keeps you busy like it does me, dōTERRA's got your back!  Technology is on our side, so take your first challenge today and hop over to your app store and download your free Daily Drop!



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